San business-writing sample:

Conservation Ad (pure-concept assignment)

My direct client was an ad agency. Mass SAVE, an energy-conservation service organization, was their client. In a ‘pure creative’ assignment like this, my job is to provide headlines, body copy, and (sometimes) visual concepts to tie them together. The client may use my work as raw material for their own creative team, or ask me to do the final creative and production. As long as the alternatives are clearly defined in advance, I’m happy to work this way.

I submitted several concepts; this is one of them.

Choose Which One To Save

About the Money/Bird Headline Graphic

Typically, for a concept assignment like this one, I accompany my manuscript with sketches (which later get replaced with photography).

However, for this Web presentation, I replaced the sketches with a visual I put together from two photos. (The money picture is a stock photo, and the owl was supplied by a photographer friend.) I digitally manipu­lated both photos in various ways to make them more dramatic.

This is not meant as an actual layout, and is not an example of my finished design work. (The agency used me purely as a freelance writer; they had their own designers.)

Everyone knows that saving the environment is crucial to our survival. But sometimes it seems as though cleaning up a whole planet just costs too much money.

Yet strangely enough, there’s a connection between saving money through home insulation in Massachusetts, and saving birds from oil spills in Alaska. The connection may not be obvious, but it’s real.

Consider this: it’s been estimated that even the slow adoption of the conservation technology we already possess could cut the need for new energy sources in half. That would mean we wouldn’t have to drill for oil at some environmentally marginal sites. And some ecological catastrophes of the future might be averted.

That’s why we’re so gung-ho about conservation: it can save money in the short run and help the environment in the long run. And that’s precisely the kind of win-win “choice” that Mass SAVE’s programs offer people.

At Mass SAVE, we’re convinced that choosing between saving money and saving the environment misses the point.

Because with a positive attitude and innovative ideas, we can save both.

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