Uh oh…

The page, section, or function you tried to access has a deep, aching need for JavaScript, and it’s just not getting what it wants. There are a few likely explanations for this.

It’s possible that my script is screwing up. I write all my code by hand, and I do test it carefully, but stuff happens. If you’re sure you have JavaScript turned on, and it’s working normally for you in other Web sites, then I’d really appreciate your letting me know that I have a problem. Please mention your operating system (including the version number) and what kind of Web browser you’re using (including the version number). Thanks much.

Another possibility is that you’re using an old browser, or one with custom enhancements or additions that I’m not familiar with, that simply doesn’t support the specific JavaScript code involved. I try to test my code in a range of browsers, but I can’t test in everything.

More likely, however, is that you simply have JavaScript turned off in your browser. It’s usually on by default, and something like 85–90% of Web users leave it on. Despite my being a JavaScript coder, I occasionally turn it off myself and most of my Web pages can limp along without it but not (apparently) the section or pages or function you were trying to access. If you trust that I’m not some slimeball cracker who’s going to hose your machine with malevolent script (I’m really not that evil), then please turn on JavaScript in your browser. If you’re not sure how, this information may help.

Sorry for the inconvenience… and thank you for visiting my Web site!


P.S.: I realize it isn’t puristically correct to require JavaScript for anything. Go ahead and flame me if you like I have a thick skin but I already know all the arguments. (Little JS pun there.)