San business-writing sample:

Consulting Group Descriptions (page 1/intro)

I was a sub-contractor on this project. My direct client was an ad agency; a well-known consulting firm was their client. I was sent into the firm to interview various consultants about their work, gathering information about different consulting groups and then writing about them. I’ve deleted the name of the consulting firm from the text that follows, since the writing samples here are from the raw (unedited) manuscripts that I submitted to the agency.
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Decision Point

Mere facts in themselves are almost worthless to business, which is why our Business Research and Consulting Division doesn’t just do “research.” We analyze the real-world conditions under which our clients operate, in order to discover which facts are critical and which aren’t.

There are many parallel processes involved in business planning, each affecting all the others. At critical decision points, this logical complexity often results in confusion and mistakes. We’d like to talk to you about our track record in helping corporations pare down data to its essence, thus reducing that confusion and avoiding mistakes. Also, we’d like to talk to you about your future.