San business-writing sample:

Consulting Group Descriptions (page 3/marketing)

I was a sub-contractor on this project. My direct client was an ad agency; a well-known consulting firm was their client. I was sent into the firm to interview various consultants about their work, gathering information about different consulting groups and then writing about them. I’ve deleted the name of the consulting firm from the text that follows, since the writing samples here are from the raw (unedited) manuscripts that I submitted to the agency.

Strategic Marketing Group

Formulating an investment strategy is at best a risky process, and at worst can have devastating effects on a company’s future. This is especially true in industries which are heavily influenced by new technological developments. Regardless of the risks and horror stories, the potential return is often so great that companies will continue to invest under highly uncertain conditions.

Our expertise in strategic marketing analysis can make a critical difference in the likelihood of a successful result. We help our clients to analyze and develop both products and markets. RReal-world testing is possible in a surprising percentage of cases. We base our analysis on actual real-world testing whenever possible; and it is possible in a surprising percentage of cases.

Most site maps are just boring lists, but not this one! It has comments and personality, and is the only way to find out everything that’s available on the Santhology site.

This testing may happen in a traditional laboratory, but more likely it takes place in a residential test community. That community may be a city, a town, or even a computer-derived demographic slice of an entire region or country. To be valid, this kind of research must satisfy a number of requirements:

We have a proven track record of successfully setting up such studies, analyzing the results, and then helping our clients use that analysis to decide on their best product development and marketing strategy.